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Automotive, Business Owner


Before finding this business opportunity, I was an automotive technician with an automaker for 13 years before deciding to work for myself. I owned my own technician shop for seven years.

A friend sold the membership to me, and we used it. Then we were invited to attend an opportunity meeting. The residual income convinced me that this was the right opportunity for us. At the time when I looked at PPLSI, I was single, raising five kids. Now, together, Jamie and I have eight children and 18 grandchildren.

I quit school at the age of 15. I was working 80 to 90 hours a week. But I never used any of those things as an excuse. I use them for my reason to build this business. Great opportunities usually only come around once in a lifetime. I believe in my heart that this is the greatest opportunity ever. Because of this opportunity, I was fortunate enough to meet my wife and a lot of great friends. I’m looking forward to meeting many more friends.

While I’m out making a living, I’m also making a difference in people’s lives. This business has changed me as an individual to be more helpful and understanding.

My goal this year is to hit the Platinum Executive Director level.

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