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Ken and Patti met in 1990 when they joined the same network marketing company. They love working together and working from home.

PPLSI has not only enhanced their lives, but it has also enhanced their relationship. “We love working together from home in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. PPLSI has provided us with the opportunity to create the life we want to live.”

Ken and Patti have been part of the PPLSI family for over 24 years, and because of their consistent dedication, they can now spend more time with their family — especially their two gorgeous grandchildren, Cashton and Evangeline. They believe those who have a burning desire and a willingness to take this opportunity seriously by working hard and who are coachable can succeed with PPLSI — if they are willing to follow the proven system.

One key piece of advice from Ken and Patti, is to be Performance Club qualified every month and then systematically help your team qualify for Performance Club.

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