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Hi, I’m Dave Paperno, and I have been with PPLSI since 2001. I’ve sold more than 20,000 memberships. I have achieved most of my goals, earning the PPLSI Ring, staying at the Bronze Executive Director level, building good relationships with associates who have become my personal friends, developing a reputation both in and out of PPLSI and most importantly helping people achieve justice in our legal system.

The most heartening element of being an associate comes from revisiting an existing group to hear all the fantastic stories of how the LegalShield Membership has helped them. The best way I have ever found to present the LegalShield Membership to a group of strangers is to let a member tell them how good it is.

You’re going to hear and learn many different methods of presenting. What you MUST do is listen to everything, take a little from one person, some from another, insert your own personality and find the way that works best for you. There is almost no wrong way to present except ONE — not to present at all!

You may have heard the following, and it’s absolutely true: To open groups, you need to understand that just like recruiting, group marketing is a numbers game. Here are the numbers: You need to go to 28 companies to get in to see 8 decision makers in order to open 2 groups! It’s as simple as that: 28-8-2. Some of you are not as good-looking and modest as I am, maybe you don’t have all the skills down cold yet and just maybe you have to go to 40 companies to get to see 8 decision makers to open 2 groups. So what? Are you afraid of a little work? I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to work my “blankity blank” off to earn an income! How about you?

Go out there and do the best you can and simply believe that the best will come to those who work hard.

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