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When I was initially approached about becoming an associate, I was very skeptical. With both a full-time and a part-time job, I was still not earning enough money to pay my bills. I needed more income, but having only a high school education, I was intimidated and didn’t think I was qualified to be in the “legal business.”

When I was told there were successful people without high school educations in this business — that got my attention! I got the membership for myself, and then I realized that other families and business owners would probably purchase it too ... if it were properly presented to them. I clearly recognized the need, but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to spend three days at a major PPLSI conference that I saw the bigger picture. I became convinced of PPLSI’s business opportunity because of three factors:

1) The stability of the company.

2) The great timing of the products.

3) The lifetime residual income potential.

I started my business and put everyone on notice that our team was serious about success. We started attracting a strong team of leaders fast. At the end of our first month, we promoted eight new associates to the Director level, and I qualified as an Executive Director! After a few months, I jumped into PPLSI. I had to succeed! I burned my ships; there was no retreat. Success was my only option!

So what’s our team’s secret to success? We simply use third-party tools and keep our big mouths shut. We let the tools do the talking. We don’t waste time trying to “convince” anyone to get involved in the PPLSI business. Once they’ve been properly exposed, they either see the opportunity and get involved or they don’t. We focus our time on those who want to build a business. This is a powerful opportunity, and I am UNSTOPPABLE!

We have a simple philosophy on our team — lead, follow or get out of the way! I enjoy working with a great team of like-minded, committed people who are all working together to attain the same objective. Lasting success is not a sprint; it’s a MARATHON, and we are “going the distance!”

I have not only set my goals, I am visualizing them daily, as they become a reality. PPLSI has given me clear purpose and direction. I’ve reached the level of PLATINUM Executive Director! My whole life has changed since becoming involved with PPLSI.

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