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In March 2004, after six months of invitations from Ron Green to look at this opportunity, things changed in my life. I went to a business briefing just to get him to leave me alone. However, after hearing the presentation, I immediately signed up for the service and became a business associate.

Other opportunities show you a product that you might “want” but not necessarily “need” in your life. This was different. PPLSI just makes sense and thank God for it! I stepped out on a prayer and faith and signed up. I made more than my initial investment in my first week.

I took the opportunity seriously and reached the Executive Director level. While committing to the business on a part time basis, in August 2008, I was blessed to earn my first six figure PPLSI Ring.

I was extremely excited to realize that by 2012, I was earning true residual income. That changes things; when you keep getting deposits, that is what you call options.

This business has given me options to truly enjoy life. This year, I am taking the business even more seriously than I ever have before because the opportunity just keeps getting better. In November 2014, I was informed that I was the 187th person to be inducted into PPLSI’s Millionaires Club. As a proud father of three children, I am glad to know that this business is Willable, and I can leave them with an inheritance when I am gone.

My goals for 2023 are to be a contributing member of the Platinum World Council, earn the $500,000 Ring, help six more families achieve the $100,000 Ring and open 25 new group accounts. One of my biggest rewards has been helping other families earn their PPLSI Rings, including John Abrams, Nakeeta Tucker, Tiffany Sullivan, Bryce and Katreice Jackson (RIP), Linda G. Jones, Farrah Shelly, Albert Marshall, Shan Stone and Martavius Hillman. All of which have contributed greatly to the team’s success.

This business has also allowed me to travel with friends. I've had the opportunity to earn trips to such places as Punta Cana, Maui, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cabo San Lucas. This company provides you with the opportunity to get paid for the work you do, and provides an opportunity to earn incentive trips for doing the work that you did!

I must thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stonecipher for allowing us to be a part of their vision. Thanks go to Mrs. Melissa Wilder, for your B2B mentorship. And thank you, Darnell Self and Mike Humes, for your friendship and the TNV blueprint for success, with love and constant support. Special thanks to the entire ATeam throughout the United States and Canada that have helped to make this all possible.

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